ANZAC Day Two Up - Volunteers Required

We are still on the look out for a couple of volunteers for the ANZAC Day Two Up at both sites (Ainslie & Gungahlin Lakes) especially for the later part of the day (2pm on wards). The only requirement is volunteers must be over 18 years of age.

Thank you to everyone that has volunteered so far (as per list below). Please arrive by 11:30am, wearing a Bears shirt.

Ainslie Gungahlin
Graham Vickers Greg Kent
Lee-Anne Vickers Michelle Fisher
Sharne Vickers Rebecca Kelly
Darren Matheson Peter Crutchfield
Greg Vickers Buster Parker
Lee Mills Matt Conway
Jeremy Brown Karen Conway
Sara Bray  

IMPORTANT - DO NOT place bets for anyone. That is our biggest risk to destroy the day.

Graham Vickers (Ainslie) and Greg Kent (Gungahlin) will explain rules and requirements on the day, however it is very straight forward.

If you are able to help please contact Bill Vickers on 0407 717 741.