Kathleen Vickers Award

The Kathleen Vickers award is for a player in the highest junior age bracket who is judged by their coach to have a long future with the Club. Not only judged by ability but attitude and commitment outside the playing role, around the Club. Being aware of Club and team responsibilities and seen as adding to the positive Club environment.

Honour Roll

1995-1996 Bengt Baumgartner
1996-1997 Chris Newman
1997-1998 Carlos Prichard
1998-1999 John Allender
1999-2000 John Allender
2000-2001 Tom Hertel
2001-2002 Trent Mills
2002-2003 Matthew Hawke
2003-2004 Christopher Brown
2004-2005 Peter Locke
2005-2006 Lee Mills
2006-2007 Dale Vickers
2007-2008 Reece Mills
2008-2009 Hyden Calvert
2009-2010 Tyler Perry
2010-2011 Alexander Vickers
2011-2012 Cullen Dunn
2012-2013 Tom Flannery
  Mark Zhang
2013-2014 Ngalan Gilbert
2014-2015 Lachlan Forder
2015-2016 Jordan Kelly