Accredited Umpires

The following is a list of Ainsile-Gungahlin Bears players / members who are accredited (Level 0 or higher) with ACTBA and can officiate ACTBA Junior Games and 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Senior Games.

Level O Umpires

Firstname Surname
Sean Emmett
Stuart Hood
Scott McGeechin
Ciaran McKeowen
Lee Mills
Luke Mills
Reece Mills
Trent Mills
Jon Noonan
Kyle Perkins
Ryan Perry
Peter Phelps
Bob Russell
Will Russell
Cecilia Tran
Mark Tuohy
Stephen Vickers
John Clink
Robbie Clink
Tom Conway
Patrick Lawson
Andrew Nisbett
Graham Vickers
Mark Zhang
Sean Bennett
Scott Chapman
Steve Chapman
Dan Conway
Matt Conway
Jacob Davies
Dave Erwin
Madison Erwin
Bruce Ewings
James Ewings
Glenn Forder
Lachlan Forder
Andrew Green
Jake Green
Tim Holt
Jordan Kelly
Peter Kingston-Mayne
Brett McIntyre
Buster Parker
Cy Bretton
James Robertson
Simon Rolfe
Angus Wallace
Gavin Wallace
Glenn Warwick
James Warwick
Rachel Warwick